The Mokaflor roasting company was founded in the 1950s in the heart of Florence, Italy. From a small shop, the company continued to grow and expand into the internationally renowned business it is today. Still run by the Bernini family, Mokaflor prides itself in its traditional roots and exceedingly high standard of quality in everything it does. From roasting to distribution and even R&D, Mokaflor believes in stringent quality control and efficiency so that more time can be spent perfecting its art. In fact, the brand’s original roasting company was just eight steps away from its little shop so that customers could get their coffee with unbeatable freshness. Today, the company has expanded quite a bit further, now selling in more than 40 countries with three distinct product lines.

Through intense research and flexibility, Mokaflor has managed to adapt to its customers’ shifting needs, creating easy-to-store ground coffee in addition to organic whole beans. It also produces Nespresso capsules for today's busy lifestyle — instant coffee for immediate energy. No matter how you prefer your coffee, you can be certain to enjoy a consistent and gourmet experience with a cup from Mokaflor.

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