The 8 Steps of Mokaflor

The first step is a good selection of raw coffee from the coffee plantations. Slow and discontinuous roasting method is then used which is the best way to maintain the good oils and fats of the green beans, without burning them like they do in fast industrial roasting methods.

With the slow and discontinuous roasting method they also have the possibility to directly influence the procedure if some changes have to be done. The roasting takes longer, but the result is a better quality. The third step is to leave the coffee to de-gas for a couple of days (usually from 48 to 60 hours after roasting) before packaging.

In 2009, Mokaflor established the Espresso Academy. This educational center is dedicated to nurturing the skills of aspiring baristas and coffee enthusiasts, offering a range of courses from barista training to coffee appreciation.

In as much as Mokaflor gives a lot of importance to our FLO Fair Trade certifications, together with the Q Certifications for our organic coffees, it tries to give consumers as much information about the product as possible in order to have an easier and clearer overview when choosing your coffee.

A Global Presence and Beloved Brand

Through intense research and flexibility, Mokaflor has managed to adapt to its customers’ shifting needs, creating easy-to-store ground coffee in addition to organic whole beans. It also produces Nespresso capsules for today's busy lifestyle — instant coffee for immediate energy.

Enjoyed by coffee lovers in over 40 countries, the legacy of Mokaflor speaks to its enduring passion for coffee, commitment to craftsmanship, and dedication to sustainable practices. No matter how you prefer your coffee, you can be certain to enjoy a consistent and gourmet experience with a cup from Mokaflor.

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