Mokaflor Rossa 60/40 Ground Coffee 8.8oz/250g

Mokaflor Rossa 60/40 Ground Coffee 8.8oz/250g

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Mokaflor Rossa
Ground coffee in bag. Net 8.8oz/250g.

Mokaflor Rossa is a coffee of distinct character which combines the body and sweetness of Brazilian and Ethiopian Arabica, together with the intensity and creaminess of Indian and Indonesian Robusta varieties. Ground for ideal preparation in pour-over, Aeropress, french press coffee brewers, but suitable for most coffee preparation methods.

60% Arabica/40% Robusta

The Mokaflor Rossa Blend has a dark brown / hazelnut crema. The body and bitterness are a highlight, contrasted by a pleasing sweetness and a little hint of acidity. Scents of wood and cocoa with a light aftertaste of citrus.

Imported from Europe.


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