Julius Meinl

Coffee expertise from bean to cup

Premium coffee starts with tropical sun and volcanic soil in the coffee growing regions 23°N – 25°S of the Equator. After harvesting, coffee is processed, sorted and then transported for blending, roasting and packing. The journey involves many delicate stages which demand experience, skill and quality control.

Coffee sourcing
Julius Meinl sources its green coffee mainly from the country of origin, directly from coffee farmers and cooperatives with whom we have long-standing relationships with. We also source from international trading houses in Europe, America and Japan. Our teams have relationships with many of these for decades, based on mutual trust and fairness.

Quality control
At Julius Meinl, we pay careful attention to ensuring the quality of our coffees. We have quality controls in place at every stage of the production chain to guarantee consistently high quality. Our green coffees undergo strict quality control steps after they are delivered to the roastery. Once the coffee beans are released after the first check, they are roasted and a further quality control is carried out. Each individual bean is checked electronically, and each roasted lot is checked directly by our quality control and tasting panel using modern technology.

Coffee blending
Creating new blends requires experience, creativity and skill. This is also needed for the reproduction of existing coffee blends, because popular and much-loved tastes must be replicated over and over again — despite the changing harvests and weather.

Roasting process
Roasting is an art, with a dash of science. It’s a skill that takes years of experience to master. Julius Meinl I started the first roastery in Europe over 160 years ago, using a micro-batch roaster. His know-how and passion have been passed on from generation to generation within the Meinl family. In 2005, we added a state-of-the-art roasting plant in Vicenza (Italy) to fulfill all the coffee needs of our business clients and coffee lovers around the world.

Packaging coffee
Roasted coffee, whether in beans or ground, is a highly sensitive product. To protect our precious coffee from oxygen, odour, humidity, heat and light, Julius Meinl packs it carefully. Our coffee is vacuum-packed or sealed into bags with a one-way valve, so that air (O2) won’t get to the coffee, while any roast gases (CO2) can escape, before the pack starts to leak. That way, it keeps its quality while it’s on its way to you.

Brewing coffee
Bringing out the optimum taste from the beans not only takes a good roast, but also a precise grind size, temperature and quality of the water and brew method. While our green coffee buyers, quality control and production team bring you the highest standards, it’s then up to you! To achieve the perfect taste, take care of your final preparation and brew method. For the most delicious results, let our coffee consultants inspire you.

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