7 Excellent German Coffee Brands To Try

Coffee is an integral part of many people's lives. It has become a default part of morning routines, meetings, and fancy events. It's hard to overstate the value and impact that the seemingly humble coffee bean has.

The Value of Good Coffee
To understand the value of coffee, one simply has to look at what exactly people love about it so much.

First and foremost, the bold flavors found in coffee keep people coming back to it day after day. From lighter roasts that boast smoothness and nuttiness to dark roasts with rich, heavy, chocolatey flavors, coffee is unique, complex, and enjoyable. The wonderful flavors of coffee also translate into its rich aroma.

No doubt one of the most prominent facts about coffee is that it is high in caffeine. While caffeine may not give someone the same kind of genuine energy that a green salad does, for most people it works as a jump-start to their morning and a kick-starter for whatever project is staring them down. In such a fast-paced world, it's easy to see why this is such a plus for coffee lovers.

Finally, coffee has come to mean so much more than just delicious flavor and a kick of energy. To people all over the world, coffee means connection. Coffee is one of the most popular drinks to enjoy while spending time with family or friends, whether you're taking a walk around Central Park at Christmas or meeting up with an old friend for a chat. This nostalgia is no doubt a big reason coffee is so ingrained in people's everyday lives.

The Quality of German Coffee
In the wide world of coffee, Germany's coffee tradition stands out as a unique expression of the many delights of the popular drink. Germany is one of the top importers of coffee beans in the world, and its most prominent roasting companies are in the cities of Hamburg and Bremen.
While no coffee is grown in Germany (as its location and climate don't fit the bill for that), the German roasting process is unique and stands out from many other countries' typical roasts. Whereas French and Italian roasts are much darker and richer, for example, German roasts are milder. Although any given coffee enthusiast may prefer lighter, medium, or darker roasts, it's always a good idea to try coffee from a country that values it so much, regardless of where it falls on the roasting spectrum.

7 German Coffee Brands You Must Try
With so many coffee sellers out there, it's overwhelming to try to figure out what the absolute best one for you really is. But you've got to start somewhere, and a list of German coffee companies is a great place to look. Here are seven quality German coffee brands you should try.

Dallmayr is an extremely well-established German coffee brand offering a wide selection of roasts. The brand has developed great coffee roasts and blends, such as its Prodomo signature blend, and Dallmayr's history as a coffee producer spans over three centuries. That is some serious dedication to the process of perfecting coffee!

Tchibo is one of the most popular coffee shop businesses on the continent of Europe, and for good reason. If you're looking for fresh, delicious coffee, Tchibo offers several blends made from both arabica and robusta beans. Its classic blend, made with coffee sourced from South America, is a great place to start. It has boldness and smoothness and boasts notes of dried fruit. Tchibo also strives to support sustainability, so all of its beans are sourced from farms that are certified by the Rainforest Alliance.

The founder of Jacobs Coffee, Jonathan Jacobs, set out to respect each type of coffee bean, and in doing so make great and unique coffee that inspires people. Jacobs Coffee has continued that tradition to this day, crafting quality ground and instant coffee blends that offer both a mellow flavor and an especially rich aroma to enhance the coffee experience.

In operation now for almost 100 years, Eduscho is another tried-and-true German coffee brand to add to your repertoire. Eduscho's coffee has been described as having a gentle and smooth quality that makes it especially appropriate for enjoying later in the day. Its Gala line of coffee is particularly popular and has become a staple in Germany and the areas around it.

Using both arabica and robusta beans, Eilles crafts great coffee that reflects its noble background and uncompromising pursuit of excellence in what it does. Its arabica blend is gentle, with hints of citrus, and its gourmet blend has a stronger, bolder flavor by comparison. Eilles' instant coffee is also well respected for its quality.

Idee, another great German coffee producer, achieves top-notch quality for its coffee by utilizing a special process of steaming (invented by a German professor almost a century ago) to purify the coffee beans before they are even roasted. This results in less acidity, so Idee's classic coffee is a great option for those who like a richer flavor with pleasant bittersweetness.

Mount Hagen
With a bent toward sustainability and fair-trade practices, Mount Hagen has made a great name for itself in the coffee industry by developing the first organic instant coffee on the planet and producing a host of other great coffee products for coffee lovers everywhere. Its coffee comes in classy glass containers that can be recycled. Mount Hagen is also a great option for those looking for less caffeine in their coffee, as the brand offers decaf coffee that has just about no caffeine in it (whereas many other decaf coffees on the market still have several milligrams of caffeine in them).

Whether you're just starting to drink coffee for the first time or already consider yourself a coffee connoisseur, these seven brands will help round out your coffee experience and give you a robust sense of the quality of German coffee. Give them a try, and don't forget to share them with a good friend or family member. After all, bringing people together is a big part of what coffee is for.
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