Spreading the aroma and quality of Italian espresso around the world has always been the primary aim of Lavazza. The company originated in the early 1900s when Luigi Lavazza first invented the concept of "the blend": the art of mixing coffee of different origins to obtain a harmonious and tasty product. Today, Lavazza is an international leader when it comes to quality coffee, and the brand remains a symbol of Italian espresso and Italian identity worldwide.

When it comes to Italian ground coffee, nobody can match the dedication and expertise of Lavazza. Enjoy an enriching experience brought forth from the unity of skill and imagination. Lavazza’s signature flavor comes from outstanding ingenuity and creative flair that seeks to draw out the utmost potential of its beans. Feel the Italian Renaissance come to life on your tongue with dozens of unique imaginative blends.

Lavazza coffee comes in both Nespresso capsules and K-Cups, so you can enjoy a cup of this masterful blend as quickly as possible. Lose yourself in the rich aroma of Italian espresso with whole coffee beans, carefully selected to provide the bold flavors you’ve come to expect from this internationally acclaimed symbol of excellence.

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