There are many beautiful Italian cities rich with tradition, like Rome, Venice and Milan. Yet further south lies a city on the slopes of Vesuvius where time apparently stands still: Naples. The people of Naples love coffee. Or, more accurately, they love espresso. Coffee culture and their daily espresso are as much a part of Neapolitan society as is being jolly, and Neapolitans are very critical about their espresso. Neapolitan coffee connoisseurs swear by their local roaster, Caffè Kimbo.

Kimbo has set out on a mission to spread its gourmet espresso and coffees across the world. The brand strives to enhance the authentic Italian traditions that go into its product with the most advanced technology to craft the perfect cup of espresso. This includes not just making its coffee better but also more accessible with Kimbo’s Nespresso capsules and instant coffee blends. Kimbo has perfected the balance between a modern coffee that is quick and easy to make and that still holds true to the Neapolitan heritage of carefully curated roasts for the best aroma and flavor.

For over 50 years, Kimbo has been looking toward the future by combining modern innovations with its classic Napoli taste. The company strives not just to make a better coffee but also a better world, focusing its efforts on producing “green coffee” with stringent environmental checks. From there, the best beans are selected for their sweet robust aroma or a spicier bitter aroma based on the intended blend. A team of experts runs chemical tests to ensure the beans meet the highest standards, while a group of tasters ensure both freshness and flavor using the world’s most sophisticated method: their expertly trained taste buds and noses.

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