Dilmah Tea

Dilmah Tea company is the first producer-owned tea brand, and the company offers tea that has been picked, perfected and packed all at the same location. Dilmah tea is freshly packed at the source to preserve its natural goodness and rich flavor, one of the many techniques that make it internationally renowned. Dilmah is a unique brand that was founded on a passionate commitment to quality and authenticity. This philosophy goes beyond commerce or tea and is visible in everything Dilmah does, from its employees to its customer service, making Dilmah the first ethically produced tea.

Dilmah is best known for its 100% pure Ceylon teas. Every one of Dilmah’s tea leaves is grown in the highlands of Sri Lanka, which is regarded as the best tea-producing region in the world. Dilmah’s premium selection of leaves also includes a wide variety of fruit-infused teas, green tea, Earl Grey and more. For truly delicious drinks, they offer tea leaves enriched with flavors from black currants, honey, strawberries, apples, cinnamon and more. It’s hard to find a brand with a more diverse and refreshing range of options than Dilmah. The company puts intense dedication and passion into every single tea bag it produces and holds itself to the highest standard of quality and excellence, ensuring each cup of Dilmah tea reaches its full potential.

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