Helmut Sachers

Helmut Sachers

Coffee has a long-established tradition in Vienna, as does Helmut Sachers. It was founded in 1929 by Karl SACHERS. It was originally located in the Russian zone of Vienna. After many ups and downs, it was totally demolished during World War II. As a result, Helmut Sachers was inactive for many years. Despite many challenges faced throughout its history, Helmut Sachers Kaffee has risen to become one of the most popular Austrian coffee makers in the world.

Karl SACHERS, the father of today's owner, re-established his business in the 1950s. The brand-name Stambulia was established in 1956. On July 1, 1970 Helmut Sachers and his wife Inge bought the store from his father and took over this very small company. At this point in the history of Helmut Sachers, two large sacks of coffee were roasted weekly and selected daily using a machine that was operated by foot. The next day Helmut and Inge would package the freshly roasted coffee in paper bags and deliver it to a few cafés and restaurants in the nearby area.

Within a few years, Stambulia had developed into a well-known brand name for use by cafés and restaurants in Austria. In the early eighties, the company's namesake was changed to the family-name Sachers in the retail-business, but the name Stambulia was maintained in the catering-business. Within a decade the company transformed into a very well-known business all over Austria. On January 1, 1972, the company bought its first coffee-company: Arian-Kaffee. Over time they continued to acquire various small coffee-companies such as Campos, Burkert, Sombrero, Peru, Morenita, Angola, Stemhoff, Werner and Veith.

The 1980s also brought another exciting turn of events in the history of Helmut Sachers: international distribution. In 1983 Helmut Sachers Kaffee takes part in a multinational fair in Hamburg, Germany. From this time on, the company regularly takes part in international fairs. Today Helmut Sachers Kaffee is represented at about 25 - 30 domestic and internationl fairs and exhibitions: from Berlin to Milano, from Colonia to Tokyo, from Frankfurt to San Francisco, Düsseldorf to New York, Hannover to St. Petersburg, Hamburg to Paris. Altogether the company distributes their premium coffee to around 25 foreign markets.

The "Original Helmut Sachers Coffee" was first exported to Germany before any other country. While the company's distribution has continued to grow since that time to reach over 30 countries, Germany has remained one of the coffee markets of most importance to the Helmut Sachers Kaffee company. To serve the German customers better, Helmut Sachers established a German subsidiary in Bavaria in the 1980s. In 1988, the Helmut Sachers Kaffee headquarters moved to Oeynhausen, which is close to Baden and is still in the immediate proximity of Vienna. Helmut Sachers Kaffee still maintains their gift shop in Oeynhausen, where customers can buy presents or enjoy a cup of Austrian coffee.

In 1991, the Helmut Sachers production facilities were even further expanded. Exports made up 20% of the total sales volume, which has since grown 200%. The roasting volume grew from the original two sacks of raw coffee per week to about 450 tons of raw coffee per year. Helmut Sachers handles its own distribution as well as working with wholesalers, agents, and other distributors. About 15 years ago, the company started a machine branch. To serve their customers better, the company presently deals in grinders, espresso-machines, mixers, dishwashers, etc. Helmut Sachers represents well known brands such as “Rossi”, “Brasilia”, “Promac” and “Black & White”.

Helmut Sachers maintains its status as one of the most successful and highly renowned exporters of Austrian coffee. Thanks to the full aroma and fine flavor of Helmut Sachers freshly roasted blends, the company has become synonymous with the art of making good coffee. The company, sold in 2013 to Immoga Beteiligungs GmbH, continues to maintain its tradition of Austrian expertise to keep its deeply established reputation.

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