Dilmah Premium Ceylon Tea Loose Leaf 7.05oz/200g, Dilmah Premium Ceylon Tea 100 tea bags and Ceylon Gold 25 Tea Bags

Dilmah Premium Ceylon Tea Loose Leaf 7.05oz/200g, 100 tea bags and Ceylon Gold 25 Tea Bags

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Dilmah Premium Ceylon Tea
Tagged tea bags "no foil" 100 x 2g Net 7.05oz/200g

Ceylon tea was recognized as the finest since the late 1800s when its bright, full-bodied teas made tea itself and the island of Ceylon famous throughout Europe. There was good reason for this as the island produces teas to please every palate- from the earthy and rich low-elevation teas to the light, delicate high-elevation teas. This tea offers body, brightness, structure, strength, and color; the features that made Ceylon the home of the finest teas.

Ingredients: Ceylon Black Tea.

Dilmah Premium Ceylon Tea
Ceylon Premium Black Loose Leaf Tea Net 8.82oz/250g

Finely Balanced richness, flavor, strength, and aroma for the perfect tea. Great for everyday drinking, from the central highlands of Sri Lanka, reputed for its brightness & medium strength.

Ingredients: Ceylon Black Tea

Dilmah Ceylon Gold Finest Tea
25 x 2g Tagged (not wrapped) Tea Bags Net 1.76oz/50g

Celebrating the true value of this noble herb, its natural goodness, fresh aroma, delicious taste, and premium quality. A drop of liquid gold that adds that extra spark of life, goodness, and freshness to your day, this special black tea is for the true connoisseur. Enjoy Dilmah Ceylon Gold in its purest form – straight with no milk or sugar – to truly understand and appreciate why the paradise isle of Ceylon produces the world’s finest teas.

Ingredients: Ceylon Black Tea.


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