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Established in France in 1858, Leroux has since earned excellent renown.
Chicory root is essentially grown in northern France: chicory fields are located around the towns of Calais, Dunkirk and Saint-Omer.
Chicory offers a vast range of applications :
- Aromatic: Chicory brings an array of flavours of varying intensity to your sweet or savoury preparations to suit your needs.
- Bread-making enhancement: chicory can render bakery products even richer whilst reinforcing their flavour and extending their shelf life.
The ideal format for dry mixing with your own "ready to serve" creations, instant powder blends perfectly with your other ingredients (hot chocolate, coffee...). Depending on how you dose it, chicory can offer your drinks a full-bodied flavour.
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Leroux Regular Instant Chicory 200g
Leroux Regular Instant Chicory 7oz/200g
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