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Turkish Style Coffee
Turkish coffee is not so much a type of coffee but, rather, a method of preparation. This method begins with finely powdered coffee beans placed in a cezve or briki (a small metal or ceramic pot with a handle and brim). The pot is brought to a boil, creating a thick foam. It may then be removed from heat, or returned to a boil multiple times. The coffee is poured into demitasse cups, but not all of it is consumed. The thick layer of sludgy grounds at the bottom is left behind and, in some cultures, the patterns of the grounds are read to reveal the future, which is known as tasseography.

This method is known by many different names, depending on where you live, including: Turkish coffee, Arabic coffee, Greek coffee, Armenian coffee, Cypriot coffee, boiled coffee. Controversy remains over the origins and correct name for this style of coffee-making. However, that is not for us to decide, so we will just call it delicious!
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