Ricoré is a product of Nestlé that was created in 1953 as a blend between coffee and chicory designed for health conscious coffee drinkers. It's an instant coffee product containing both coffee and chicory, with a composition of 40% coffee and 60% chicory. Chicory has been identified as a healthy alternative to coffee for those who are health conscious or are avoiding caffeine for other reasons. Instant chicory adds a hint of caramel, warm aromas and, at higher doses, a slightly bitter note. It can also be used as an ingredient in bread or other savory dishes to render them even richer and more aromatic, and it even extends their shelf life.Enjoy a delicious caffeine-free beverage with Nestle’s Ricoré, the perfect blend of rich aromatic coffee and savory chicory. Not quite a coffee, not quite a health drink, it tows the line between the two to give you the best of both worlds. Read more about Ricoré ...
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