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Miscela d'Oro

Miscela d'Oro

The brand Miscela d'Oro has grown to become a large and prosperous family firm, but the company began as a small, artisanal workshop. Umberto Urbano and his wife, Emanuela, founded Miscela d'Oro when they began roasting small amounts of coffee beans in 1946 in the town center of Messina, Italy. The Urbano's fundamental rule to roasting their coffee was the meticulous selection of the best quality green coffee beans.

Umberto and Emanuela's dedication to the quality of the coffee beans paid off. The founders' technical knowledge, sensitivity toward the needs of their customers, and their continual pursuit of premium coffee helped the company quickly grow from an artisanal workshop into a small family business. This growth experienced by the company was also in thanks to their continual research and experimentation with the top quality coffee blends and the latest and most advanced equipment.

In the 1970s, the second generation of the Urbano family joined the business. Umberto and Emanuela's son, Francesco, helped the company's strategic interest to shift from developing quality coffee to distributing their premium product. Francesco helped the company focus on national level markets like local shops and various supermarkets. Specific new product lines were created for these channels and a blend named "5 Miscele" was made, becoming the first big success of the firm that is still remembered 30 years later. This was the first product with which and for which the company implemented its first marketing and advertising operations.

At Miscela d'Oro, the 1990s were all about innovation and cutting edge technology. The 1990s also brought in the arrival of the third generation into the family business. During this time, the commercial strategies of Miscela d'Oro evolved to successfully serve the international coffee market. As a result, the company image was also restyled. The logo was changed slightly, and the packaging got a redesign that reflected the company's new ambitions toward joining the international coffee market.

Two new product lines also resulted from this transcontinental expansion, including a decaffeinated blend created exclusively for North American and North European customers, and espresso pods which represent the future of the coffee market. To meet the needs created by the expansion of Miscela d'Oro to the international market, the Urbano family opened a new plant equipped with some of the most advanced technology as well as large storage, roasting, and packing capacity.

Quality, elegance, and simplicity are Miscela D’Oro’s rules for excellent coffee. In 2006, the company decided that the time had come to radically change its image, entrusting its change to the master of creativity Oliviero Toscani, so that consumers all over the world could more easily understand the style and philosophy that characterize Miscela d'Oro: quality, elegance, and simplicity. The new millennium witnesses a dynamic company, heading into the future, with the aim of being one of the sector's top leaders in the world markets.

Miscela d’Oro has gained much knowledge over the past 70 years about how to ensure high quality coffee in every cup. Much like the founders did over three generations ago, the company continue to recognize that a great espresso begins with the selection of the best green coffee origins. The selection of beans and their origin are constantly monitored and rigorously tested to ensure that the quality standard imposed by the company is faithfully maintained. Miscela d’Oro understands the importance of roasting and views it as the most critical phase of their entire coffee production process. They are equipped with the most advanced technology and use separate roasting time and temperature parameters for each of their blends that have been defined and refined during over 60 years of experience. Their grinding and packing processes are fully automated and carefully executed to ensure that the coffee does not lose any of the unique features that make Miscela d’Oro so distinguished.

A past characterized by a long tradition, a present that guarantees an excellent quality coffee given constant attention at every phase of preparation, and a future that promises to preserve the artisan-style attention to coffee preparation that will ensure the success of the Miscela d'Oro brand in the world. Even in the current global coffee market, Miscela d’Oro maintains its status as a “quality coffee roaster”. Thanks to its able coffee roasters, Miscela d’Oro produces a high-quality coffee with an unmistakable aroma and the typical creaminess of a true Italian espresso. The perfect union between advanced technology and human experience enables Miscela d’Oro to interpret and enhance the subtle characteristics of the green coffee beans used for their special blend.

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