Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best way to store coffee?

Coffee is a product of nature

Let’s start with the basic and simple notion that coffee is a product of nature. Therefore, its life cycle is not infinite and like for any other food product: the sooner we consume it, the better!

When talking about storage, we can first of all state what coffee does NOT like: air, humidity, heat and light.

The myth about keeping coffee in the fridge

There is definitely one myth that we have to dispel: coffee should NOT be stored in the fridge. The reason is quite simple: since coffee does not like humidity, by placing and removing the coffee from the fridge, a condensation effect takes place (think about those drops of water that form on food or Tupperware when you remove it from the fridge!) and the coffee will then have a completely different aroma and taste. Same thing is true for the freezer.

So what is the best way to store coffee?

Here is a summary of do’s and don’ts which we recommend when storing coffee: DO’s:

•Store in a dry, cool place at a temperature between 59° and 68° F and a humidity of less than 50%
•Choose coffee packaged in materials that keep the light away and when possible, that have a valve
•When possible, use an airtight metal tin for storage but most opaque, airtight vessels will do


•Use a glass or transparent packaging / glass container
•Store coffee in the refrigerator or freezer
•Keep the coffee packaging open for too long

2. What is a "Quantity Discount"?

Customers who buy coffee in quantities of 12 items or higher can receive two types of discounts.
If you buy 12-23 items, you can apply coupon 5POFF to get 5% discount on the product price.
If you buy 24 or more items you can apply coupon 10POFF to get a 10% discount on the product price.
The discount is applied to regularly-priced items (not applicable on special sale/special promotion items) in your order if the minimum quantity is met. Only one coupon per purchase order.
In order to receive the discount, use the coupon code 5POFF for the 5% discount and 10POFF for the 10% discount.

3. I tried to apply the quantity discount coupon code and it does not work. What is wrong?

The discount will not work if we do not have enough coffee in stock (we do not allow back orders). If the items you are attempting to purchase are special sale or special promotion items the additional coupons will not apply as those items are already discounted. Or, you may be using other coupons that do not allow the use of two coupons at the same time.

4. How can I buy by the case?

1. Add one pack to cart. After that, you will see “You Cart” page with one pack.
2. Type 12 in QTY box (or actual quantity you wish to buy)
3. Click the button “Recalculate”
4. You will see page updated with 12 or more packages in your cart.
5. Type 5POFF for 5% or 10POFF for 10% discount in the text box “Coupon code? Enter it here:”
6. Click on "Apply coupon" button.
7. Your cart should be updated with coupon.
8. Proceed to check out

5. How long does it take to ship coffee?

We ship (after packing and handling) packages within 2-4 business days. Then, start counting time based on the shipping method you choose. Packages ordered on Friday, Saturday and Sunday are shipped in order, starting the next Monday.
Once an order is shipped, depending on the carrier used, the FedEx and USPS delivery windows add anywhere from 2-7 business days.
Total Shipping Time = Order Fulfillment + FedEx/USPS Delivery Window

6. If I ordered my coffee on Friday, why was it sent on Monday?

After Friday, our next business day is Monday. We do not ship same-day on Friday and our offices are closed Saturday and Sunday.

7. I was in a restaurant and had the best coffee I ever tasted in my life. They told me It was Douwe Egberts. I had the decaf and it was equally as tasty. What coffee I should buy that is similar to the restaurants one?

Restaurants use liquid coffee (coffee concentrate) that is diluted in special commercial coffee makers. There is no coffee like this in the retail variety. We suggest trying the Aroma Variaties series (Excellent Aroma, Select Aroma, and Mocca Aroma) but we can not guaranty similarity with restaurant coffees.

8. How I can track my package?

Follow the link provided in shipping notification or email us and we will send you your tracking number. Then you can go to USPS.com, UPS.com or FedEx.com (depends on your shipping method) to track your package.

9. What is Flat Rate Shipping?

Flat Rate Shipping is a set rate, lower than the actual cost of shipping that allows us to ship orders out in the most cost-effective way possible - either through USPS or FedEx - and still offer our customers a discount on shipping.

10. I do not want to use the internet for placing my order. Can I place it by phone or mail?

In order to place an order by phone, please call our toll free number 800-582-6617. We will be glad to help you. Please note, we do not have a dedicated staff to answer your call immediately. Please leave your message and phone number or order number and we will call you back no latter than the next business day. For more information about contacting us, see the Contact Us page.
In order to place your order by mail, please see the instruction on the Selling Policies page.