Douwe Egberts Aroma Rood & Excellent Whole Beans 17.6oz/500g each

Douwe Egberts Aroma Rood & Excellent Whole Beans 17.6oz/500g each

Douwe Egberts
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Douwe Egberts Aroma Rood & Excellent Whole Bean Coffee Combo Pack
Whole Bean Coffee in bag. Net 17.6oz/500g each

Douwe Egberts Aroma Rood coffee is one of the most popular in Europe. Aroma Rood is characterized as aromatic, smooth, and rich with perfectly balanced flavor and acidity. Many drink it without milk or sugar (even when they normally use milk and sugar) because of Aroma Rood’s own special sweetness. The combination of strong Robusta beans and aromatic Arabica beans come together in a symphony of flavor through the Douwe Egberts’ roasting process.

Medium Roast
Strength Level: Medium, 5 out of 10
Whole Beans

Douwe Egberts Excellent Aroma is a blend of high-quality 100% Arabica coffee beans. IWith Excellent you can make mild coffee with a special taste. The 100% Arabica coffee is mildly roasted, which brings out the fruity and floral accents of this coffee. Excellent has a rich aftertaste and makes every coffee moment… excellent. The coffee is packed right after roasting into specially designed packages with a one-way valve to preserve the fresh flavor, taste, and color.

Medium Roast
Strength Level: Medium-Full, 5 out of 10

Imported from Europe


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