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Chinese Tea
The history of tea began and originated in ancient China in 2737 BCE when a leaf from a nearby shrub happened to fall into Chinese Emperor Shennong's boiling water. Today, tea is deeply ingrained in China's history and culture, where it is also considered one of the seven necessities of Chinese life alongside firewood, rice, oil, salt, soy sauce, and vinegar. Chinese Tea is classified into five distinct categories: white, green, oolong, black, and post-fermented. At Enjoy Better Coffee, we carry a variety of tea from three major Chinese Tea manufacturers. Check them out today and treat yourself to a taste of tea history!

  • Golden Sail

    Golden Sail
    Golden Sail is a world-class Chinese Tea company that is distributed by Guangdong Tea Import and Export Company Limited, which was founded in 1952. The company's Golden Sail brand was founded in 1965, and has since become internationally renowned. It has won dozens of awards including the international tea convention gold brand, and the national three green project tea service assured brand. It has also received status as an internationally certified organic tea (IMO). Guangdong Golden Sail is primarily engaged in producing black tea, green tea, oolong tea, Pu'er tea, white tea, scented tea, and specialty tea.

  • Tea King

    Tea King
    Tea King is a professional tea manufacturing company located in China and famous for its Pu-erh tea, among other blends. Ingredients used by Tea King are collected from the Zhengjiang and Fujian provinces, as well as Yunnan; a province with a long tradition of tea. According to Chinese history, the native Pu people in Yunnan began to grow tea that was served as a tribute to the emperors as early as the Shang and Zhou dynasties. In the Song Dynasty, Pu-erh County gained further recognition for its tea-trading market.

  • Temple Of Heaven

    Temple of Heaven
    Temple of Heaven is a Chinese Tea manufacturer located in China. As their name suggests, Temple of Heaven is most interested in producing teas that meet even the highest of quality standards. Temple of Heaven is distributed by Shanghai Tiantan International Trading Co., Ltd., which has over fifty-years of experience in the tea market. Shanghai Tiantan mainly specializes in handling green tea, black tea, congou and scented tea. Temple of Heaven teas are produced, processed, and exported by Shanghai Tiantan to its customers worldwide.