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Abbaye de Flavigny
Abbaye de Flavigny has a long history in providing natural and high quality anise flavors and a variety of candies that dates back to 1591. The plant-based anise used in Abbaye de Flavigny candies is characterized by a warm, spicy flavor and a remarkably aromatic scent. Abbaye de Flavigny selects their aniseeds in August, just after they are harvested from such countries as Spain, Tunisia, Turkey, and Syria. After the aniseeds are harvested, they begin a 15-day process in which they are slowly and repeatedly layered with a fine coating of sugar syrup and natural flavour; like a snowball rolling down a snow covered hill; until they are smooth and completely covered. Abbaye de Flavigny candies are sweetened using unrefined cane sugar and flavoured using all natural plant extracts. Abbaye de Flavigny: the finest of candies and 100% all-natural.